Sunday, January 27, 2008

About me...

So I have gotten some less-than-polite email recently about my knowledge of the coptic church. Basically accusing me of rejecting something I don't fully understand. So I thought it might be interesting to those (very few) of you who read this thing to find out a few things about your friendly neighborhood atheist. Well, I was involved in the church since I was very young. By "very young" I mean about 5. I went to every mass, vespers, tasbeha, whatever, that I could (note, if you're not actually involved in the coptic church, some of the jargon in this post might be unfamiliar, sorry!). I was ordained as a "reader" or ognostos at about the age of 14. I taught hymns to several grade levels, including other teachers. I read voraciously about the history of the church and the lives of the saints. I lamented that I didn't have the time to become a Sunday school teacher. I read the bible from cover to cover quite a few times. Coptic christianity was my life, my lifestyle, my everything. The thought of my sin brought me to tears. The sacraments were a true comfort. I was a true believer. And now I'm not. And I'm quite content.


(ps The rest of you should feel free to continue emailing me. Just be patient, I check it as often as I update this blog)

pps. Let me preempt some questions now: Yes I know this post doesn't explain why I'm an atheist. Yes I realize some people find that annoying. I'm writing that post but I'm a busy dude...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

A great story


So the combination of winter break at home, a burst water pipe, a grant application that needed to be redone, and various other obligations have kept me from being able to update this blog for longer than usual. I am, however, back in business. And insofar as my responsibilities on the ward (and my drive for sleep) allow, I intend to get back in the swing of posting. So stay tuned...