Monday, April 14, 2008

Hiatus for heathens

I'll be going on hiatus for a bit. I might have time to sneak in one more post, we'll see.

I just wanted to put this up so that the 3 of you (that may be stretching it :)) who read this thing don't miss me terribly.

I also wanted to invite any of you who want me to tackle a specific topic to email me. Questions (about me, atheism, whatever) are fine too. In fact I've tried to get in contact with one person who wrote me a question, I'm still waiting for a response (if this sounds like you, check your email).

I'll keep your name confidential and all that good stuff.

Take care



Anonymous said...

Hello friend
I stumbled over your blog the other day. I find that you and I have quite a lot in common. I also am Coptic, an attending physician/researcher looking for the truth.
You seem to have an inquisitive mind, and you are looking for the truth which is something I greatly admire (if you are sincere about finding the truth, that is).
I also find it infuriating when we use the term "inshallah" when we basically mean: "ain't happening". It drives me nuts.
I think it is totally normal to have occasional doubts and question even the existence of God. There is obviously many that fall in that category.
However,I think, it is much easier to throw God by the wayside b/c that means freedom to do whatever I want and desire, without restrictions. It is easier to do that than look for proofs for the existence of a "restrainer". Forgive me when I say this, but you failed to be completely "open minded" when you said that you are open for discussion to proof God's nonexistence but you have no time to read the book recommended to you by another reader. (that was not me by the way).
My second question/point: why do you ask the reader to provide you with proof of the existence of the supernatural? can you provide me answers to some of these life's complicated questions?

Questions such as:
How can a purposeless and completely random process that "created us", create a being that is always searching for purpose, full of intellect, and reason?

Why are there so many researchers and scientists (ex-atheists) coming to Christ based solely on their scientific ressearch? Read case for a creator, or case for faith both by Lee Stroebel.

Last simple question: you said that you used to be a "devout" Coptic Orthodox Christian, so you must have heard of the many saints and miracles that occured in your church and continue to occur.
How can you naturally explain the miracles that saints like Pope Kyrillos (the late patriarche of the Coptic church) have performed?

I want to assure you that there is no randomness or coincidence with God. There is a reason why He made me stumble over your blog.I pray that this note finds you well.

Atheos said...

Hi there,
First off, let me make a request. If you could choose a name when you write it would make life easier. For example, the commenter I’ve been talking with in the other post goes by Anonymous Guy. I’m totally fine with you being anonymous, just make something up so that I can address you properly.

I’m still actually on my hiatus (I have rare internet access where I’m staying) so I’ll be a little brief, as I am paying for internet by the hour.

Let me respond to some points you make:
1. That implication that I “[threw] God by the wayside b/c that means freedom to do whatever I want and desire, without restrictions.” Actually, I don’t really do anything that I considered immoral before I was an atheist. Perhaps I fast less, but that had nothing to do with my decision. So while this may apply to other people you encounter, it does not apply to me

2. You seem to think that because I told Anonymous Guy that I didn’t have time to read the book he recommended, I was somehow being closed-minded. I really didn’t (and don’t) have time to read anything outside of my requirements for school. You’re an MD/PhD, I’m sure you can relate even if you did manage such time in your own school days.

3. I can’t answer all of life’s difficult questions. But that does not mean your answers are right.

4. So you think evolution is “purposeless and completely random process”? Really? Really? Wow, it always stuns me when someone in my field (you’re not the first) is completely ignorant of evolution. I won’t touch this one, because the fact that you asked it makes me sad.

5. I don’t care what other “ex-atheists” are converting to. Clearly such arguments don’t faze you. You’re talking to a prominent deacon who became an atheist, that doesn’t make you want to be an atheist, does it? Read my post on “Appeal to Celebrity”

6. Miracles? I can’t explain all of them. I’ll admit some of them make me wonder. But then again I’ve seen (and maybe posted about) people who pray fervently over a sick relative in the hospital. When everything goes well, they call it a miracle. But those results are tied to the type of patient and the type of treatment. I’m sure you know about cancers that sometimes regress spontaneously. Are you asserting that every positive medical outcome is a miracle? Or only the ones that happen to Coptic people?